Broad Interest Art Themes

Geclee Art Availaable or Commission

Recognized as one of the finest free-style art galleries in the area, Jeff Wells Paintings showcases art works from master and learning artists alike.   For fun,   Jeff finds estate sale paintings in South America, many bought by the wealthy class in Europe and brought to South America many, many years ago, and finding some real treasures to share and sell if you are interested.

Emotional, Spiritual & Social Catalysts

The ultimate vehicle for expression, art bridges the gaps between backgrounds, classes, beliefs, and time. It encourages thinking and dialogue. It also is a catalyst for change. Art is mankind's storyteller and storybook.  Art is just a fun way to relax and appreciate life as well!

Art Hobbiest

Jeff does not pretend to be a good artist.  This is a new hobby for him and each new painting is to learn a new technique or take on a new challenge.  This silly website just let's him share what he is learning and working on.  

Events & Exhibitions
Plein Aire

April 24 to May 17, 2019


June 7 to June 26, 2020


July 18 to August 4, 2021